TRAVEL+EXPLORE: Water Closet Exhibit – MCA Denver

Another new exhibit has popped up at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown Denver. Viewers have said goodbye to the museum’s Summer opener and welcomed in a colorful series called “in hyperspace” by Clark Richert. While the retrospective exhibition was a strong and eye-catching celebration of Richert’s career, something else sucked me in entirely. 

Nestled in the back of the third floor was a small immersive experience titled, “Water Closet.” Created by MCA Denver’s Teen Program: Failure Lab, in conjunction with artist Marsha Mack. The group explores the concept of “The intimacy of the average American bathroom routine,” in a way that highlights vanity, sexuality, privacy, and personal space. 

This playful space was tied together with a monochromatic blue color scheme. The group took what we see as everyday tools, products, and appliances and captured them in a way that made the viewer (me) feel curious, excited, and even at times slightly uncomfortable. 

If the plug for this exhibit isn’t clear, Water Closet is definitely worth checking out. I highly recommend seeing it in person while you still can! 

What are your favorite Denver art exhibits right now?!

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