If you are someone who tunes into YouTube, you’ve probably seen this popular tag floating around the internet. YouTubers, Bloggers, and Everyday People are taking to the web to share the dumbest purchases they made in their twenties.

Disclaimer! I am still in my twenties… twenty-three to be exact. And despite the fact that when I got my first ”big girl” job, I told myself I would be smart with my money. I admittedly feel into the trap that so many Millennial and Get Z-ers do. Here is how it goes.

You get that first paycheck, and likely it’s the most money you’ve ever been handed in one sitting. While the smart things to do would be pay your bills and put the rest in a safe space, like say your savings account. It’s easy to be overcome with a feeling, NO an urge to buy something. Anything from your wishlist of things you’ve been “dying” to have.

For me it started with a few small purchases, but things escalated quickly. Here are the dumbest things I spent money on in my twenties (so far).

I. New Clothes

I was buying new clothes, shoes, accessories on a weekly basis. Most of which I am sick of now and have resold. But those shopping sprees add up and they add up fast!

II. Trips and Vacations

Not once did I say no to a trip. Whether is was a trip to the mountains or jetting off to LA for the weekend, I went. Trips are a financial downward spiral, it starts with transportation, then food, and entertainment. Next thing I knew I was spending $500+ dollars in a weekend.

III. Bottle Service

Now this one, I had no business doing. Why I thought buying a $1,500 table was a good idea, I could not tell you. While I was getting a steady pay check, I was not making enough money to treat my friends to a night of VIP experiences. This one made my wallet and my soul hurt.

Coming up on my one year anniversary at work, I’ve realized that financial stability is important. While it is okay to treat yourself, there needs to be a limit. Saving for your future is important and spending money on dumb things will only limit your options in the future.

What are the dumbest things you spent money on in your twenties?

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