STYLE: Do Your Chain Hang Low?!

Do your chain hang low?! Do it wobble to the flow?!

While I am fighting the urge to recite the rest rapper Jibbs lyrics, they are the first words that come to mind when I layer on my array of gold necklaces and chains.

That’s right folks! Chains are in, and I am highly advocating that you pick some up. Truly, there is something to be said for the feeling you get when each necklace is stacked just right. You walk out into the world looking a little bit extra, and your confidence level goes through the roof.

Now I know what you might be thinking, gold jewelry is expensive with a capital “e” and $ where the “s” is. While typically I opt for gold plated sterling silver or true gold becuase they are higher quality and last longer. Lately, I’ve realized something…I am not rich! I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on that good, good.

Lucky for me and all the other bargain hunters out there, there are a number of brands that are offering comparable quality gold jewelry at a fraction of the price. LIKE…

Fraiser Sterling

I came across this brand on Instagram, shout out to Instagram ads! I’ve checked out there products a few times, but recently I decided to get wild and ordered a trio pack, they were offering a flash sale on. $30 for 3 necklaces.

Each was 14k gold plated brass, and damn do they look good! I’ve been layering them with a few other necklaces I already owned.

Each of these chocker necklaces is light weight and have a 2 inch extension. This way you can wear them super tight to your neck or let them hang a bit lower.

The color variations are slightly different, but personally I prefer to wear a variety of gold tones. Heck, I’ll even mix metals if I feel like it!

Here are the exact necklaces I picked up.

I. Positano ChokerI ($28)

II. If You Had My Love ChokerII ($32)

III. Valley Chocker ($32)

Basically I am all about layering gold this summer, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! What are your favorite sites to pick up affordable accessories?

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