At the start of July I tried out a subscription jewelry brand called Cali Tiger. Once again they hit me with an Instagram ad, and I said to my self “Why the heck not.” Note to self, STOP DOING THAT!

Anyway they were offering a one month free trial of their subscription box, you just pay $12 for shipping and handling. So really it was $12, but compared to $22.99 that’s not too bad. Bonus the trial month still came with the free $5 monthly credit, and 20% of everything eligibility. They also offer one time purchases, but those do not include the perks mentioned above.

Any who, my package arrived a few weeks later and I received a 18k gold pendant necklace. Super cute necklace, only thing was the ad made it seem like you would receive more than one item. None the less, at the $12 price point I wasn’t mad.

What I was mad about, was that it broke after wearing it twice. The pendent is now lost somewhere in the streets of Downtown, Denver. Hence why I have no picture to share.

Circling back to the positives. During the time I was still in possession of the necklace, it was great for layering. The chain hung a bit longer, pairing really well with my 18″ necklaces. It also looked great on its own, since the pendant was large enough to act as a statement piece.

Right now I have yet to decide if it is worth staying subscribed to the monthly mystery box. Honestly, I may just give Cali Tiger another shot… but I’m not in the business of hunting for gold. So if the August box is filled with another quality disappointment. I am going to have to #cancel.

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