TRAVEL+EXPLORE: Feasting with Feast

Have you ever had dinner with thirty-one strangers? While the idea sounds intimidating, I can attest that it is, in fact, something worth experiencing.

This past weekend, two friends and I willingly signed up to share a communal meal with a group of people who we did not know. Hosted by Feast Dinner Party, the event took place at Realm a new photo and event space located in River North Art District.

While each dinner party’s theme and location is different, this particular one was developed around the following word:

boun·ti·ful (adjective) – large in quantity; abundant.

Everything from the culinary experience, beverages, music, color scheme, and design was curated to fit happily within the space of that definition… and so it did! From the moment we walked in the offerings and aesthetic felt cohesive with the feeling the Feast crew was trying to portray.

At that first point in the night, we had been confined to a smaller space for the cocktail hour, as to maintain an element of surprise for the big dinner reveal. While the feeling of bounty and giving generously at that moment was minimal, as we transition into the second and final stages of the event (exploring the dining area and the meal itself) it would become so much more apparent.

Now the ambiance and food aside. What I truly think was so special about this event, was the people. Not only was the Feast team so amazing to meet and talk to, the Realm team, photo and video duo, and guest were all awesome! There was an innate feeling of inclusivity and openness. By the end of the night, you feel like you’ve made thirty-one new friends.

I really can’t give enough praise to the Feast Dinner Party experience. While it only takes place a few times a year, it’s one of the best tickets in town.

Follow Feast Dinner Party and Realm on Instagram.

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