K-beauty or Korean Beauty is currently taking the beauty industry by storm. Known for its innovative products, and focus on health, hydration and a preferred lack of pigment. K-beauy has beauty enthusiast everywhere dipping their hands into the creams, serums, and toners to soak it all in.

When you think of this beauty trend, there are a handful of brands that seem to be popping up all over our insta feeds (or at least mine). To name a few; Glow Recipe, Laneige, Peach & Lily, Savor Beauty, etc.

As I sought out to learn more about this style of skincare. I found out a few things… First I had already been actively participating in this beauty ritual.

Laneige is a brand I have been using for years now, and frankly I had no clue it was a K-beauty brand. All I knew is that it made my skin feel extra hydrated in the winter. So to that I say, job well done. Laniege you most definitely checked that box!

Second, I learned that K-beauty is all about ease and simplicity. The goal is to offer a skincare routine that works with our busy schedules and hectic lives. With the ever evolving climate of beauty technology, K-beauty brands are actively leveraging these changes to produce products that give our skin what it needs is fewer steps.

This ideology is called “Skip-care.” Think of this as products that multi-task, so we can hit various skincare goals with fewer products. Say goodbye to those 10+ step nightly routines (byeeee).

On that note, you are probably wondering what K-beauty brands are offering their customers. When it comes to skincare here’s what we are seeing on the shelves…

  • Cleansers
  • Toners
  • Essences
  • Serums
  • Eye Creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Masks
  • Sheet Masks

Use just a few, or use them all… either way the key to it all is consistency. Let me say this again, KEEP IT CONSISTENT. Like any other style of beauty routine, there is no miracle cure. In order to see the best result, you have to keep with it. Take your K-beauty routine for a test drive, and make the ride long enough to figure out whether or not it is truly working for you.

So, what’s to come? Like I said, the beauty world is ever evolving and K-beauty is all about discovering the latest and greatest. Sources say that there are whispers of velvet textures and cloud like cleaners in K-beauty’s future!

Want to give K-beauty a try? Giveaway Alert! I am hooking up one lucky winner with a Laniege Hydrating Kit.

Entry Details:

  • Drop a comment! Tell me your favorite K-beauty products below. Don’t have one, tell me which ones you are dying to try.
  • Follow my blog and like this post
  • Follow me on instagram (@jordanannwilliams)
  • Winner will be announced on September 30th, 2019.
  • You must complete all of the above to be eligible to win!

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