LIFESTYLE: Setting Intentions for 2020

Intentions, goals, plans… whatever you call them, we all attempt them at the start of a new year. For me, like most people on January 1st I found myself with what felt like a clean slate and a list of things I wanted to accomplish.

2019 was a foggy year for me. There was a lot I wanted to achieve that went unattempted. Whether it was due to life getting in the way, laziness, or just insecurities. Months went by and before I realized it those things I told myself I was going to do where in the rearview mirror.

I admit it was frustrating, especially when I realized that I was the only reason that these stones were left unturned. But this year I am optimistic that I will put a dent in my goals list.

With that in mind. Here are the things I want to tackle in 2020.

Get Money Smart

Something I realized late into last year, was setting finical goals for yourself is so, so important. When you’re in your 20s it can be so easy to want to spend every pay check you get and not think about the future. But when the future comes knocking at your door or you decide you want to make a life change that requires having some cash, you’re going to wish you had saved up.

A tool I learned about this past year was a Bullet Journal. A Bullet Journal is a way to track spending and savings goals. You lay out the pages to align with your needs and each month you fill them out (by hand) to track your progress.

I just started mine for the new year and I am excited to use it to keep myself finically on track!


Journaling more is something I intend to do a lot this year. I have always kept a journal just to keep track of life events, and how I am feeling. It can be a great outlet to express yourself or work out things you’re up against in life.

While I have always had a journal, I am not very good at writing in it regularly. This year I want to change that. Keeping up with my journal helps me keep up with myself. Sometimes it just nice to write stuff down, even if it’s has no point or meaning.

Take Risks

I’ve never been afraid of risks, but I do think I am afraid to do things because I am afraid of what others will think. So this year I want to take the risk of not caring about the opinion of others when it comes to things I want to pursue.

Choose Me

This is a cheesy one, but more often than not I put others before myself. That choice has made it hard for me to understand what I want in life and what’s best for me. It has left me confused and scared. In 2020 I am going to go out of my way to choose myself more, do I what I can to make myself happy as much as possible.

Now those are my goals! What are yours?!

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