TRAVEL+EXPLORE: Feasting with Feast

Have you ever had dinner with thirty-one strangers? While the idea sounds intimidating, I can attest that it is, in fact, something worth experiencing. This past weekend, two friends and I willingly signed up to share a communal meal with a group of people who we did not know. Hosted by Feast Dinner Party, theContinue reading “TRAVEL+EXPLORE: Feasting with Feast”

STYLE: Do Your Chain Hang Low?!

Do your chain hang low?! Do it wobble to the flow?! While I am fighting the urge to recite the rest rapper Jibbs lyrics, they are the first words that come to mind when I layer on my array of gold necklaces and chains. That’s right folks! Chains are in, and I am highly advocatingContinue reading “STYLE: Do Your Chain Hang Low?!”

TRAVEL+EXPLORE: Water Closet Exhibit – MCA Denver

Another new exhibit has popped up at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown Denver. Viewers have said goodbye to the museum’s Summer opener and welcomed in a colorful series called “in hyperspace” by Clark Richert. While the retrospective exhibition was a strong and eye-catching celebration of Richert’s career, something else sucked me in entirely. Continue reading “TRAVEL+EXPLORE: Water Closet Exhibit – MCA Denver”